The Secret to THRIVING in Life is Simple...

I Am Responsible for My Own Happiness
And So Are You!

 Live Your Life as the Woman You have been Created to Be:
Fully Free and Full of Joy in All Aspects of Your Life!
And Be Profitable in Your Business While You are at It!

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ready to make consistent Income in your business while still being an amazing mom?

Being a mom and an entrepreneur, do you ever feel like there is a seemingly unresolvable tension between responsible motherhood and making your mark on the world? Too often you feel selfish and guilty for wanting to be successful – even though you know you shouldn’t. You've become aware of how the stress, uncertainty, and guilt of chasing your dreams is affecting the profitability of your business, your relationship with your family, and has even started eroding your self-confidence and joy.

You are in the right place!

The secret to THRIVING summed up in a very simple phrase: I am responsible for my own happiness, and so are you!  
When you take back ownership for your happiness, you are ready to take your life and business to the next level.  

When you implement the Pathway to 10k you will:
- take back responsibility for your own life and happiness and become confident to pursue your dreams and build your business
- work fewer hours on your business and consistently hit those $10k months
- develop a solid business strategy to land and close leads like a pro
- develop the skills to conduct and close sales calls like a pro - how becoming the go-to authority in your field will raise your status (and your income)  

All while living the lifestyle and being the mom you desire to be!  

It's time to take back responsibility for your own happiness and take your business to the next level - without burning out!

How Jessica Can Serve You

1:1 Business & Mindset Coaching

The pressures between business and motherhood can severely impact the success and profitability of your business.  Accelerate your transformation and create YOUR unique Pathway to $10k by implementing and mastering business and lifestyle strategies, lead generation and sales and by becoming the go-to expert in your field.

Keynote speaking & Training

Jess is a virtual, live-stage, and international speaker that has a passionate and down-to-earth speaking style that audiences love. Her ability to connect and relate to an audience has led her to success when it comes to delivering on the topic at hand. Whether your group is large or small, Jessica is here to serve.

Transformational Courses

Receive mentorship from an experienced mom and 6-figure coach with implementation-based training, learn at your own pace formatting, and with step-by-step processes. Also, join the Thriving Business Mama movement,  a community of incredible ambitious moms with huge dreams - just like you! 

Not only have I gone from perfectionist to 'recovering perfectionist, Jessica has allowed me to believe in myself and now I am following my dreams of leaving my 9-5 and building my own copywriting & coaching business.

Robyn Kurdek
Forbes Contributor & Copywriter

I was nervous and unsure if coaching would work for me. I was concerned Jessica would ask hard questions I didn’t have answers for. I said YES to myself and YES to coaching and EVERYTHING has changed. 

Mandy Petkau
Healer & Coach

Because of Jessica's coaching I had a break through in my belief about where I stand. I found confidence in who I am on an ever deeper level! You see I have always believed in my work as a coach. But I struggled believing in my ability to deliver. I am confident in my ability now too! And it shows!  So THANK YOU JESSICA!!!    I know that these results have been amplified by the transformations that have come from working with you!!


Brenna Stanford
Bestselling Author & Empowerment Coach

I can't believe it! I always thought that I kind of knew my purpose and my passion and my heart's desire. But, after my first 1:1 session with Jessica, I found my 'why that makes me cry!' I feel like today is the first day of the rest of my life and I am SO EXCITED! 

Natalie Tellish
Bestselling Author & Conscious Parenting Coach

Hey! I'm Jess!

Jessica Fox is a Master Transformational Coach, 3x Bestselling Author & International Speaker.

 You may have caught her on NBC, CBS, FOX, and the CW.  She is a three-time bestselling author and has been interviewed on TED.  
Jessica has worked with organizations such as the Flames NHL Hockey team, the Stampeders Canadian football team, Subway and Starbucks.    
 Jessica has thousands of hours teaching and training from stage and in intimate settings.      
 She has helped entrepreneurial moms hit consistent 10k sales months, go from laid off to signing a six-figure contract within three months, and produce $53,000 in team sales in the first month working together.    
 Most days you will find her in her comfiest jeans or yoga pants, enjoying good coffee and lost in her never-satisfied book addiction.      

Originally from Canada, Jessica makes her home in northwest Arkansas, just a few miles from Walmart’s headquarters, with her husband Tyler and their three amazing children.  

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