Time Mastery Framework System

Increase Your Productivity, Have More Energy, Hit those $10k (or Better) Months!


 If there were only enough hours in the day to get everything done...
I don’t have the time to put into my business that I would like to…
If I work on my business, I am taking time away from my kids…
 I just don’t know how I can get it all done…
 It’s time to change your relationship with time and the TIME MASTERY FRAMEWORK is the solution!
 How many times have thought or said those phrases above? How often does time seem like it just slips away with nothing to show for it.
 I’m sure you can believe it when I say that the struggle with time is the #1 issue I hear from the entrepreneurs that I work with.  
BUT …  It doesn’t have to be this way and this is why I created the Time Mastery Framework system.

Time Mastery will help you understand your beliefs and mindset around time and shift critical understandings that will make time your ally.

Time Mastery will show you how you are presently using your time and help you to design your ideal week in a way that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Time Mastery will show you how to "get it all done" and still have energy for the things you love

Time Mastery will show you how to end the guilt and tension between business and motherhood by creating productive work time and quality family time.

And You Will Learn This in Less than 1 Hour!

My life was pretty much a mess juggling the balls of motherhood & business. Time Mastery made life so much easier and kept me from throwing in the towel of defeat. I now have a clear schedule! I can actually breathe and I even enjoy ME TIME (which I never had before)! Thank you for this blessing!

- Desire, South Africa

I found it very helpful. It brought housekeeping to a manageable state for me. It really helped me break down how I use my time from a mountain before me into little steps for me so that I could tackle it all without feeling overwhelmed. It is so simple and I no longer make managing my time a difficult task. How I see my daily and weekly tasks went from overwhelmingly complex to incredibly simple. Thank you so much!

- Kasara, Canada

Course Curriculum

Mastering Time means being strategic in what we are choosing to invest our time toward.
Shifting our focus from "I don't have time" to "How do invest the time I have?" and always expecting a return on the time investment.
Mastering your Time and schedule is only a matter of a few tweaks. We get you focused with simple, practical tools and implementable steps.
With tools and tips to craft the flow or schedule that is PERFECT for your unique situation.

Jessica Fox

Jessica Fox is blazing a trail for entrepreneurial moms.   

You may have caught her on NBC, CBS, FOX, and the CW.  She is a master coach, three-time bestselling author and has been interviewed on TED. 

Jessica has worked with organizations such as the Flames NHL Hockey team, the Stampeders Canadian football team, Subway and Starbucks. 

Jessica has thousands of hours teaching and training from stage and in intimate settings.  

She has helped ambitious moms hit consistent 10 k sales months, go from laid off to signing a six-figure contract within three months, and produce $53,000 in team sales in the first month working together. 

Most days you will find her in her comfiest jeans or yoga pants, enjoying good coffee and lost in her never-satisfied book addiction. 

Originally from Canada, Jessica makes her home in northwest Arkansas, just a few miles from Walmart’s headquarters, with her husband Tyler and their three amazing children.

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